Used Car Finance Tips

Used car finance - what are your options?

Here's a quick blog from the team at Carzoopa about the different options you have when financing a used car. This isn't an advice blog - just an overview of some of the options out there when financing a used car.

There are several options and here's a few of them:

  • Used car finance - sourced by the car dealer
  • Personal Loans from the bank
  • Cash

We'll give a quick overview with some of the pros and cons for each option - hope you enjoy the read and find it useful.

Used car finance - sourced by the car dealer

This is a great option if you have a deposit and are looking to pay for the vehicle over a period of time. You may have found the right used car for you but maybe, just maybe its price is a little more than you have saved up in the bank.

This option is easy. A good used car dealer will have access to a variety of lenders regardless of whether you have a good or not-so-good credit rating.

So sit down with them. Tell them what you need and a good one will know all the information needed to discuss your requirements with a finance company and get the deal done. Simple!

Personal loans from the bank

This is an option if you don't have a deposit or if the used car dealer you're buying from can't arrange finance for you.

However, a loan from a bank etc can be more expensive than a specialist car finance loan so always think about where you could get a deposit from to make the purchase more economical for you.


This is always an option for those who've saved up a lump sum to buy their next used car. If you've saved the cash to buy a car then why not use it?

Fair question unless you use some of the money as a deposit, take out car finance with minimal monthly payments and use the rest of the money for something else. Or you may even get a bit more car than you planned on!


So there we go. Three useful options when looking to finance a used car that most people have access to.

It's very much up to the individual, so the choice is definitely yours. We're a helpful bunch here at Carzoopa so we thought we'd share our thoughts.

At Carzoopa we have access to a range of car finance providers whether you have good or less than perfect credit. You can apply online via the form on our car finance page or by calling us on 07538 432 301. Looking forward to hearing from you.